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Who am i – Systems Architect

I am a Systems Architect and I have more than 8 years of experience in the field of Information Technology in various capacities. I started my career as freelance software developer while pursuing full time education (Computer Science Major). During this wonderful journey I took many responsibilities and roles and all this experience helped my […]

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Myths surrounding a Project Manager

In my daily interaction with people at different IT organization in general and my company in particular, I hear different myths surrounding Project managers. There are certain expectations associated with Project managers both from top management and staff members and it’s very difficult to live up to these expectations and make both parties satisfied. So […]

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Adnan Speaks!

I have been thinking to share my thoughts with my fellow beings for some time now. I decided the medium of my expression to be a blog. My mind travels to many different worlds and frontiers at different points in time. I may be thinking to develop a new revolutionary out-of-the-box social venture one minute […]

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