Looking for IPhone Application Developer

Job Description:

Allainet’s Mobile team is looking for a seasoned engineer to lead the way in designing and building the next generation IPhone applications. Your architecture skills will be tested as you determine how to scale applications to support millions of users in client/server based applications. You should be able to convert a significant set of any web applications functionality on the IPhone as well as features unique to the mobile context. You will work closely with the Product team to gather requirements and rapidly iterate on them as you manage new features and projects from idea to prototype to production.

– Collaborate with Product, Design, Engineering, and Operations to define clear requirements, deliverables, and milestones for mobile or web applications
– Actively investigate interesting new tools and techniques
– Coordinate with the Platform team to ensure the necessary services are exposed in RESTful APIs

– Examples of mobile apps you’ve built and Send links and details of applications published with description.
– Experience building web applications in a production environment.
– Demonstrated ability to lead a group of engineers through the completion of all phases of a major project
– Ability to effectively interact with product managers and other organizational units such as QA and Operations
– Strong understanding of the server side software, scalability, performance and reliability aspects
– Ability to work in a fast paced, test-driven collaborative and iterative programming environment
– Proven aptitude developing applications leveraging XML/JSON based RESTful/SOAP APIs.
– Understanding of cross-site scripting (XSS) and other client-side vulnerabilities.

Skills Required:

  • Strong Objective C programming background on IPhone and Mac platforms.
  • Extensive user interface development experience, particularly on mobile devices.
  • A track record of delivering mobile consumer applications.
  • Expertise in optimizing network intensive client/server application architectures.
  • Experience working with other mobile smart phones like Android, N-Gage, Symbian, and blackberry is a plus.
  • Familiarity with geospatial applications and tiled maps on any platform a plus
  • Must be Expert in objective C, Cocoa touch, IPhone SDK, UIKit framework and handling memory leaks, UI tweaks and performance optimizations etc.
  • Ability to develop against a variety of web architectures and services (HTTP, SOAP, REST, etc.)
  • The resource should have full experience of building and launching the app in the apple app store.
  • Test-driven Development

Send you CV/Resume at hr@allainet.com

Adnan Arif

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